Rules, Regulations, and Recourse

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Rules, Regulations, and Recourse

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Every successful organisation has rules. The Knights of the Grey Dawn is no exception! Herewith, please find a basic outline of the Guild and its rules.

1. Creed:

The Guild welcomes all. All races and genders are welcome. Within these Halls, the Daggerfall Covenant, the Aldmeri Dominion and the Ebonheart Pact are all welcome, though the Guild does fight for the Daggerfall Covenant in Alliance Wars. The most important rule of the Guild is the following: Common Sense rules the day within these Halls. Use it, and you will be fine.

2. Swearing:

Swearing is allowed. ESO has an M rating, so the occasional F-bomb is okay, and sometimes even encouraged. However, there is no need to be a sailor about it either! Obviously, racial slurs, religious attacks and direct attacks will not be tolerated. Again, common sense rules the day! If you break this rule, a Justicar will ban you immediately, until you formally apologize to the offended party. However, if you break the rule again, you will face a permanent ban.

3. Honor, and the Name of the Guild:

Here, we want to strive to create a Guild we can all be proud of. To instill a sense of pride! We can only do that if everyone works together. Therefore:

- Be kind to your fellow Guild mates, and help where you can.
- It is expected of veteran and experienced players to help newer ones.
- Guild services, as they become available, are there to benefit everyone. Use common sense when using them.
- Do not fight with other players in world chat. Do it in private chats.
- Be kind to everyone you meet, as far as you can.
- If you cannot help someone when they ask, courteously inform them that you'd love to, but cannot.
- In turn, understand that if a person declines to help you, that they have a reason for it.

4. Thievery:

The Guild Bank is there for everyone, so use it with care, and use it with honor. Do not take what you do not need. Do not place anything you don't want taken in the Bank. If you see someone accidentally leave something, inform them, or simply do not take it! Common Sense, again. Finally, the thievery system in the game is there to be used. While we strive for honor, there is no honor in starving. Do what you must to survive!


Again, there is no differentiation between Ranks. It is everyone's Guild. The Ranks of Knights and Initiates are there for casual players, while the specialized Ranks are there for those who wish to be of service to the Guild in a greater capacity. More time investment is simply required of these Members.

Do not hesitate to contact any other Rank at any time! Everyone is equal!

5. Role playing:

Role playing is encouraged, but not at all mandatory. Feel free to post your character back story in the forum so that others can join in!

That's about it! This section will be updated as the Guild gets bigger. Remember: Common Sense!


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