Ranks within the Guild

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Ranks within the Guild

Post by Admin on Sat Mar 14, 2015 12:50 am

Welcome to the Ranks of the Knights of the Grey Dawn, Initiate!

By choosing to join our Ranks, you have taken a committed step to helping us create a little place in the sun, as it were. We are all equals in the Guild, and no Member is above or beneath any other. Ranks within the Guild are there simply to provide structure, and as a means to commit yourself to more aspects of supporting the Guild. With that said, here is a run-down of the Ranks in the Guild:

High Paladin:

He is there simply because he started the Guild. It's not his Guild. He does not own it. It is everyone's Guild.


The Paladin is the effective Second-in-Command. When the High Paladin is away, he or she will have absolute authority. If you have any questions, ask him or her.


Usually there will be no more than 5 of them. They are the Law Keepers, and they will usually be the Squad Leaders for Alliance Wars and other PvP skirmishes. If someone has offended you, be they within or outside the Guild, let them know. They will deal with the matter further. Refer to the rules section to see what their responsibilities are.


The Heralds of the Guild are the Recruiters for the Knights. There will never be more than 5. They have the important task of screening new Initiates once the Guild becomes big enough for this to be necessary. They will also be responsible for promoting and demoting Members.


All full Members of the Guild are Knights. This is probably the most important Rank, being the driving force of the Guild. Initiates are promoted here when they become full Members.


New Recruits start here. When new Members join, they will start here and be promoted to full Members on the Heralds discretion. Initiation usually lasts between 3 to 7 days. No longer, no shorter. This is so that we can preserve the structure of the Guild as it was intended: A friendly, social guild where everyone is treated equally, fairly, without prejudice and hate.

Other Ranks:

Currently, there are no other Ranks. They may be added if it becomes needed, though.


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